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Specialists in integrated control, automation and functional safety system design – we offer a complete service to ensure that your machinery is safe, compliant and meets your specific requirements to maximise productivity.

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Machinery Risk Assessment

Has your machinery been risk-assessed to ensure you are complying with BS EN ISO 12100. Our reports are not generic and will not just point out the non-conforming elements of the machine, we also provide a detailed “risk reduction scheme” complete with photographic observations to ensure you can meet the standards where ever improvements are required.

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Provision and use of work equipment regulations

Has your machinery been PUWER assessed to ensure you are complying with the relevant standards for providing safe work equipment?

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PLC (control and fail-safe), Profibus / ProfiSafe, AS-i / AS-i SAFE

Specialising in PLC System Upgrades from Siemens S5 to S7 and Modernising to eliminate obsolescence.

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Fail-safe Software

Using fail-safe PLC’s we can utilise the latest technologies to incorporate the safety system in to the control PLC, providing greater flexibility and improved diagnostic data allows engineers to diagnose and rectify any issues quickly, reducing downtime to a minimum.

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Functional Safety

Functional safety relates to parts of the plant which rely on the correct operation of its control and protective devices to remain safe. An example would be the dangerous failure of a light curtain. In this case the hazards that the light curtain was guarding against would become exposed thus creating an unsafe area of the machine.

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Electrical Schematic Design

We can also provide support to your site engineering project team, by providing them with the information to carry out a compliant installation to a set of designed electrical schematics.

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