Case Study No: CSE-10399-Dryer Control

Control and Safety Engineering were asked to design a system that would give the client a better control of the hot air flow used to dry bricks before they are fired in the kiln. The client had a mechanical design planned to fit motorised dampers in the duct work, one at the inlet and another to the outlet of each Dryer to restrict the flow, the hot air is supplied from the kiln and drawn across by a fan, the pressure of the air would be controlled by the inverter for the fan with further dampers on the fresh air inlet and the “dump stack” pressure release duct.
Thenew scheme would utilise a Siemens S7-1500 Main CPU with rack mounted I/O cards with a Profinet remote ET200SP rack mounted locally to the supply fan, the existing fan control gear would be interfaced to start and stop from the new control panel.

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